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Step 1

 The cPanel license can be purchased with your virtual private server or you can submit the ticket and order.

Step 2

Setup hostname by typing;


Step 3

Install wget, screen, perl, gcc and make by typing;

yum install wget screen make gcc gcc-c++ perl -y

Step 4

Start a screen session by typing;


Step 5

Download cPanel installer by typing;

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

Then close out of screen. The script, which may take one to two hours to complete will continue running while in the background—even if you close out the of server.

In order to detach screen type: Cntrl-a-d

To reattach to your screen you can use the command:

screen -r

Once cPanel finally installs, you can access the login by going to your ip address:2087 (eg. or  ( )

Your login will be:
username: root
password: your_root_password