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  • 24shells: @GTTCOMM Another week passed and still no one from @GTTCOMM reached out. No one is answering emails including billing, account manager, CSC. 7 months ago
  • 24shells: @GTTCOMM Hello, no one has still reached out to us or answered the emails in any of your department sales, billing,… https://t.co/UzWvOUsTTy 7 months ago
  • 24shells: @GTTCOMM if you want to review than check billing inquiry 86885 and contact us. 8 months ago
  • 24shells: Since 3 months we have been moving between NOC , CRC , Sales team, billing team. Very bureaucratic system with no o… https://t.co/1TjYIap8wI 8 months ago
  • 24shells: @GTTCOMM No one at GTT knows where to file SLA credit claim? We had submitted billing inquiry for SLA credit claim… https://t.co/WhghHLxLoe 8 months ago