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13 articles — Articles on Web Hosting Control Panels including Plesk , Cpanel etc.

  • Addon Domain You cannot create an addon domain if your DNS for the site you are trying to add hasn't propaga..
  • Web Hosting - PHP and MYSQL PHP, the HTML-embedded scripting language, and MySQL, the leading open-source database, are the ide..
  • Virtual Web Server The word "virtual" implies something that only appears to exist. In web hosting terms, a ..
  • Virtual Server A true virtual server is very different from the typical virtual web server. Virtual web servers us..
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Dedicated web hosting means your hosting account is the only account on a specific machine. One com..
  • PHP Web Hosting PHP is a computer programming language that was developed specifically for web development and web ..
  • Web Site Hosting The Internet is a vast collection of computers all connected together in one very large network. Th..
  • Q & A for PLESK Control Panel Q How do I upload my website A The best way to upload your site is with an FTP client. We recomme..
  • How do I Add an alias Once you have logged into Plesk you will be shown the client options section. At the bottom of th..
  • How do I create an email address First of all you need to login to Plesk. Once you have done this you will be shown the client optio..
  • What is PleskPlesk is a comprehensive server management software developed with the assistance of Web-Hosting ser..
  • How to enable Gzip in cPanel websites
  • Disable WordPress XML-RPC requestsWordPress uses an implementation of the XML-RPC protocol in order to extend functionality to softwar..